Annual Report released for 2013-14

The success of our agency is measured by how much our students learn and ultimately if they are able to go on to college or jobs.  Click the link below to read more about the accomplishments of our hardworking students in our 2013-14 Annual Report 2014 LQAR103014 final single page version

Supplement in Modesto Bee highlights student stories

It is heartwarming and encouraging to hear how our students are not just making progress but thriving as both graduates or as a student currently enrolled.  You will want to read this supplement and be inspired by the stories our students share.  Click the link below  

Evening GED program is providing opportunities for students

  In Feburary, 2014, we launched a fee-based Evening GED class but provided scholarships for students in need.  There are 27 students who received a scholarship to attend these classes and so far, $6,350 has been used to assist students in attending the classes.   There is both an English GED class and a Spanish…
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