Elijah Stays on Track

Meet Elijah Bixby…

Elijah with his pet mouse and his piano.

Elijah with his pet mouse and his piano.

Elijah Bixby found a new way of reaching a goal that helped him learn more about himself and move onward without skipping a beat.  Even though his family split up when he was in second grade, Elijah still had a very supportive upbringing in Ceres, California with plans to finish school just like any other child.  However, by seventh grade and with his motivation at an all-time low, his normal days of school ended.


Elijah said, “I was an outcast at school.  One day I was walking out of class when a guy ran up, punched me in the face, and chased me down the halls.  I was always told as a kid not to be violent, so I am super pacifistic.  After that, I was still trying to do good in school, but because the kid got suspended his friends decided it was my fault and were going to jump me.  At that point, I was pulled out.  I was always taught to try my best in school, but there was a long while where I stopped caring because of all the pressures I had.”


“Just keep going at it. It can be really rough at times and feel almost impossible, you just have to give it your all no matter how difficult it may see.”

– Elijah Bixby, 2020 Grad 

Elijah enrolled in online classes at Connections Academy until he was in 11th grade.  He found a supportive group of friends that helped him find the confidence to take another shot.  He said, “ I was able to grow more and because of that, I wanted to finish off my education at a real high school – so I went back!  Unfortunately, it was at the beginning of 2020 when COVID happened so it didn’t last for long.”  Elijah found out that the credits transferred weren’t enough to earn his diploma which would mean taking even more time to graduate.  In fear of being left behind as a “Super Senior” he came across another option.


A friend’s father mentioned a GED as another way of finishing high school and, after speaking with his mother about it, learned that a family friend had success at LearningQuest.  Elijah said, “I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest, I just knew this was a different method of getting my education and I really enjoyed it.” Already in the school routine and motivated to work hard, Elijah started LearningQuest classes at the end of July 2020 and in only three short months earned his diploma!

Elijah smiling for a picture with his mom and two sisters.

Elijah smiling for a picture with his mom and two sisters.

With plans to begin classes at Modesto Junior College in the Spring of 2021, Elijah is considering studying Music or Psychology, “I am just really interested in the idea of helping people.  I think having the resources there is important.  I know it really helped me a lot so I want to be there to help other people.  I plan to start applying for a job [and] becoming more independent.  I would like to support my mom.  We’ve never lived in a house that we owned and if I could help her in getting a house, I would like to, especially for my younger siblings.  I really would like to help them because they have helped me throughout my life.


Elijah shared advice for fellow students and thoughts to those who helped him achieve his goal, “Just keep going at it.  It can be really rough at times and feel almost impossible, you just have to give it your all no matter how difficult it may seem.  I might be a younger student, but it’s really nice to see how supportive LearningQuest is, especially for adults who are going back to get their diploma.  Thanks to everyone’s support.  I had the motivation and determination to make it this far so I’ll make sure to go even further for everyone.”

Impact a student today!

2020 Literacy for the Holidays Results!

Literacy for the Holidays LOGO

Checking “Literacy” off a student’s wish list!

2020 Fundraising Results

Giving the Gift of “Literacy”

Every holiday season, many of us think of ways to give to the those who matter to us and those who need it most.  We believe that the greatest gift is the chance to change a life. At LearningQuest, we’ve found that being able to impact someone’s life by helping them reach their literacy goals is a gift that last far beyond the holidays.

What “literacy” really means to someone

Literacy for our students means more than just reading and writing. It means that they’re able to engage in their world like they never were capable of before. You’ve helped to make these things possible:

  • Reading medicine labels
  • Helping their child with homework
  • Getting their drivers license
  • Signing up for a library card
  • Reading a newspaper
  • Earn their diploma and more!

Impacting real students

Laura’s List of Literacy Goals

Laura Mendoza, an Adult Literacy student, relies on the tutoring to help her reading and writing as well as create a better life for her son… (Read the rest of Laura’s story HERE)

“Someone told me that if you don’t try, you will never learn.
You have to try, maybe you are going to make mistakes, but you are going to learn.”

-Laura Mendoza
LQ Library Tutoring Student

$27,129 Raised

With your help, we were able to just surpass our $25,000 fundraising goal.  $27,129 will provide necessary funding for classroom materials, instruction, course books, student supplies, and more.  

You also helped meet the LQ Board MATCH of $3,050!

Message from the Director

Karen Williams

It is so heartwarming to have you, our donors, respond so generously to provide the support we need for our literacy program and to give the gift of reading.  I know many of you enjoy reading for enrichment of your mind and your soul, and you have now given that opportunity to our students.  While this Covid19 world we live in tends to make us feel more alone, your generosity showed we are not.  We have people like you who care deeply about this work and want others to have the educational foundation that has made your life richer.  You are partners with us in the work of bringing hope through education and we value and appreciate your friendship.  Thank you so much and happy new year!

– Karen Williams
Executive Director
LearningQuest – Stanislaus Literacy Centers

Thank you for your support!

For questions or more info, contact:

Rochele Roura-Foster, Program Director of Development & Communication

209-672-6642, rrfoster@lqslc.com