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Many families in our community don’t know that they can access free education and support services that would make all the difference for their future.  This August we bring back the Bridge the Gap fundraiser to spread awareness of family support services because, like you, we believe that literacy can change lives.  

View the LQ Impact Menu below and partner with us to get our KidsQuest and Family Literacy programs the tools that students need to reach their educational goals.  Get to know some of the people impacted by these programs and learn how your long-term support can make a difference. 

  • Lily and Ailee Sitting
  • Ailee and Lily reading

Caring for Kelly’s Granddaughters

“I want them to get all the help they need so they don’t have to struggle their whole lives.  I don’t want them to be at a disadvantage in life.  It makes me so happy to see them making strides.

– Kelly Carreon, KidsQuest Grandma


Kelly Carreon knew that her granddaughters, Lily and Ailee, already struggled so much with reading.  The support services they had been receiving for years at school weren’t helping and distance learning during COVID made it worse.  Kelly searched for tutoring specialized in learning disorders to help them catch up – Read her story to find out how it turned out.



Our board member will MATCH up to $1,200 of all monthly gifts during this fundraiser.

DOUBLE your long-term impact and become a monthly supporter TODAY!

Make a BIG impact through SMALL monthly gifts…

  • Mixing and measuring
  • Smiling for outdoor projects
  • Indoor activity sheets
  • Family time outside

Ana Aims Even Higher

Don’t give up.  If you learn a word every day it is an achievement for your life and you should feel proud of yourself because it is never too late to learn something new.”

– Ana Iniguez


For Ana Iniguez, learning English was her focus as soon as she left Jalisco, Mexico in 2008.  She knew that it would be essential for her dreams of one day starting her own business, but more importantly, that she would be able to help her children with school, speak to their doctors and teachers, and help others like her looking for new opportunities in a new country.  She’s getting much more done…Read Ana’s Story

LQ Impact Menu

These materials are needed by the students in KidsQuest and Family Literacy program to improve the learning process.

Consider giving a gift to cover as many items as you can OR giving many gifts over the year by becoming a monthly supporter.


Learning tool includes full license, Barton System tile app, spelling games, and other apps to help KidsQuest kids practice new skills. 

$500 each , 6 needed


Google Chromebooks

Chromebooks are borrowed by ESL students to continue their education through distance and online learning.

$340 each, 10 needed


KidsQuest Tiles

“Stack n’ Go” Magnetic Board & Tiles

This tool provides a way for children to use hands-on learning to rearrange letters and understand concepts. 

$125 each, 10 needed

Decodable Adventures

The “Ed and Mel Decodable Adventure” Series

Aligned with the Barton method of reading, each chapter contains a parent/tutor read-aloud passage, a decodable student passage, and a game to play.  Set inc.: “The Black Silk Path” (Level 3), “The Hunt for R.L. Nox” (Level 4), and “The Path’s End” (Level 5). 

$60 each set, 6 needed

Barton System Manuals

Research based lessons that guide tutors and students through each level of the Barton System as students progress.

$50 each, 25 needed


The Barton Tile App

This app is used on KidsQuest iPads as the digital version of the “Stack n’ Go” Magnetic Boards & Tiles to generate the correct tiles for each child’s level and lesson which saves valuable time and storage.

$30 each, 24 needed


PACT Family Kits

To promote bonding while learning, these hands-on projects are made for families of up to six people so everyone at home can help. 

$25 each, 50 needed

Spelling Success Online Games

Engaging way to review and reinforce Barton reading lessons that students can access remotely.

$25 each, 15 needed

Bridge the gap for many more families just like Kelly’s and Ana’s.

Become a long-term supporter today with a small monthly gift and continue to make a BIG impact tomorrow!

Questions or more info

Yvonne Downs, Project Manager of Communication

ydowns@lqslc.com, 209-222-6049

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