Bridge the Gap Today
“Just think of where we would be without these beautiful minds!”
-Heather Sevo
 Right now, many families in your community don’t know that they can access free education and support services that would make all the difference for their future.

This September we are holding our FIRST Bridge the Gap campaign!  Help us spread the word about family support services as we invite community members, like you, to partner with us in getting those programs and their students what they need.

 Together, let’s bridge the gap and get families the free educational resources they’ve been struggling to find. 

Meet some students, like Miranda and Hayry, enrolled in some of our family-focused programs and consider giving a gift or an item on the IMPACT MENU below that will help the many many families we support every year.  Your support makes sure that LQ provides families the educational opportunities they need on their journey toward success.

  • Miranda and Tim using the magnetic tiles to work on spelling and reading
  • Miranda and Heather enjoying some reading time
  • Miranda  and her KidsQuest tutor, Tim, practice writing at the Stanislaus County Library.
  • Miranda practices reading out loud.
  • Hands on activities help Tim make the connections for Miranda.
  • Working patiently and creatively, Tim is able to help Miranda find confidence as she improves.
  • Miranda and Tim learning Geography.

Leaping Grades and Building Confidence

“You only fail if you give up!  If you are doing your best, that is what counts.”

– Sevo Family motto

Miranda’s mother, Heather, had been diagnosed with dyslexia as a child so she quickly knew something was wrong when her daughter’s self esteem began to plummet as she fell further and further behind in class.  School resources weren’t enough for Miranda.  What could Heather do as her daughter was beginning 5th grade and only reading at 2nd grade level?

Find out what needed to happen for Miranda…

Bridge the gap for families for generations

Give a small monthly gift and make a long-term impact today!

  • Hayry and Keylin spent some quality time baking cupcakes with their PACT kit.
  • Hayry and Keylin receive a stack of brand new children's books for their home library donated during the 2019 Giving Tree Book Drive.
  • Understanding nature and growth is this PACT kit's lesson as Hayry and Keylin practice gardening.
  • This PACT project taught Hayry and Keylin about fossils and history!

Learning Brings Mother and Daughter Closer

“My daughter is my main motivation to continue studying and I want to give her the best example…so [she can] also strive to achieve [her] hopes and dreams.”

– Hayry Saucedo

Hayry was just months away from graduating from university in Mexico when she and her husband moved to California in hopes of providing an opportunity of a brighter future for their daughter.  Now that she was in the U.S., Hayry had to start her education all over again, but first she wanted to learn English.  She ended up doing much more than that!

Find out what Hayry did next…

-2020 Impact Menu-

These materials are needed by the students in KidsQuest and Family Literacy program to improve the learning process.

Consider giving a gift to cover as many items as you can

OR giving many gifts over the year by becoming a monthly supporter.



(10 needed)……….$500 each

Includes license to manage, Barton tile apps, online spelling games, and other tools to engage KidsQuest students.

magnetic tiles

“Stack n’ Go” Magnetic Boards & Tiles

(10 needed)……….$125 each

As KidsQuest students advance, this tool provides a fast way to use hands-on learning in an easy set up method.

document camera

Document Camera

(10 needed)……….$40 each

Students can access actual worksheets and learning pages referenced during online teaching.  Consider this the new and much easier to access “overhead projector.”

This PACT project taught Hayry and Keylin about fossils and history!

PACT Family Kits

(100 needed)……….$25 each

Just like Hayry and Keylin used, these are themed and hands on projects promoting literacy, learning, and family bonding.  Each kit is made for families of up to six people so everyone at home can help.

spelling success

Spelling Success Online Games

(15 needed)……….$25 each

Engaging way to review and reinforce Barton reading lessons that students can access remotely.

boogie board

“Boogie Board” Learning Tool

(15 needed)……….$25 each

This allows tutors to use a board that replaces white boards and papers that electronically connects to instruction and gives students remote access.

barton manuals

Barton System Manuals

(30 needed)……….$20 each

Research based lessons that guide tutors and students through each level of the Barton System.  Each new level a student reaches, another manual is required.

Bridge the gap for many more families just like Miranda’s and Hayry’s.

Become a long-term supporter with a small monthly gift and make an impact today!

Questions or more info

Rochele Roura-Foster, Program Director of Development & Communication, 209-672-6642

Thank You!