Scholarship Drive Mar 1 - Apr 30

“Move forward!  Nothing is handed to you in life, and if you want it, you have to work hard.”

– Nicolas Garibay, 2021 HSE graduate

The Scholarship for 2nd Chances

The adults in our High School Equivalency (HSE) program have made it a point to accomplish an experience something many of us take for granted in high school – graduating and earning their diploma.  Our job is to support and guide them as they work toward a diploma, then set them up for meaningful employment to support themselves and their family.

For the over 200 adults we help in the HSE program every year, each has their own reason for what pulled them away from their educational journey.  Whether it was fleeing their home country, dealing with addiction, serving time incarcerated, or even, caring for family,  every single student has made the decision to get back on track and work toward this goal.  One of those students is Nicolas Garibay…

Nicolas at Graduation

Nicolas Garibay, a 2021 HSE graduate, had tough choices and consequences to face before getting back on track.

          “My last prison term in 2015 was for…so many charges and I found myself facing life.  I was just mad at the world.  I had a lot of pain and anger…I was a 3 striker.  I got a rare opportunity to go to fire camp, and I was out there fighting fires, like the Paradise fire.  I wind up doing 7 years instead, but I needed my diploma to do the things I wanted to do, and I heard about the Cal-Trade vocational school through my parole.  They told me it’s a lot of work, and even my parole officer said, “I have had no one complete the program yet.” So, I said, “Let me take a crack at it.”

Read the rest of Nicolas’ story HERE

Nicolas Earns His Diploma!

Impact an HSE student’s story with a gift today!

One of the main ways we help students stay motivated is by making sure to keep our services free.  We’ve found that the average cost for instruction, teaching supplies, learning materials, and curriculum textbooks is $400.  Removing the financial barrier lets students, like [NAME], focus on learning and passing tests.

We cover the the costs, they work on earning their diploma. 

Our goal: Help 100 students

Give a gift and partner with us to reach the fundraiser goal!

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Supporting 100 students means that we need your help to raise at least $40,000…

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We’ve made it possible for you to be even more involved with the Building Hope Scholarship Drive by creating your own fundraiser that will count towards the big $40,000 goal!  You set your own fundraiser goal amount and share your story to inspire your friends and family to support a cause so important to you.

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