Our COVID 19 Action Plan

COVID action plan

Thank you for your patience…

while we figured out safe and creative solutions for working through this crisis.  We’ve been able to come up with and enact productive ways for students to stay in line with their educational goals and for staff to still provide services to those students.  Thank you to our students, staff, and volunteer tutors for being proactive with these necessary, and hopefully temporary, changes – we’ll see you all when things clear up.


Director’s Message

As I walked the halls this past week and spoke to staff, I saw nothing but positive teamwork.  Everyone is pulling together to successfully get students set up for online and remote learning and I’m so proud of the staff and students.  I have not been through anything like this so I have nothing to compare it to, but given the uncertainty of each day, I am grateful I can count on each of them to help out where needed.  We are working out schedules to make sure management is available via phone or email and on site, unless required otherwise. We want the students to know that we are all here for them.  We’ve really ramped up our plans for providing remote and e-communication so staff can stay connected and still keep diligently working toward our mission goals.  Things can change quickly, but above all else, be safe.  We will get through this together.
Thank you for your patience and support during this time,
Karen Williams, LearningQuest’s Executive Director

Learning Sites temporarily closed

All sites where LearningQuest services are provided have been temporarily closed to the public.  At this moment, our Literacy Tutoring office is currently still open since it is placed within the Modesto Library, but tutoring has been suspended until further notice.  We are working one day at a time as public safety announcements are being made.  Please check back often through our website or social media for updates on reopening and student services.

Continuing instruction for students

Students in the High School Equivalency (HSE) program will be able to continue their learning.  Every single HSE instructor has been assigned students to monitor and guide through assignments.  They will be able to keep in contact with each other through email, text, phone, Skype, and online educational platforms to learn and get support right away.  Classroom and in-person instruction has been moved completely online and in digital form in order to maintain progress for the students.

Orientations for HSE students are still being held, one-on-one and in person, as needed.  Adults interested in starting HSE services can contact Suzanna at 209-672-6663, sholson@lqslc.com

Staff still providing services

LearningQuest staff will continue to work limited hours on-site and remotely from home.  We have updated our communication and digital access logistics so employees will still be able to get their work done efficiently.  This will ensure that essential tasks, such as submitting important reports and being available for student calls, are accomplished in order to meet mission and student educational goals.  This means that all staff are available for you to contact if needed, click the button below for our directory.

Additional COVID 19 resources

Refer to the websites of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Stanislaus County Health Services Agency (HSA), and California Department of Public Health for additional information on and prevention of Corona Virus.