Learning English


Family Literacy

Adults in this program work to improve their English speaking, reading and writing skills through activities and assignments.  This class focuses on helping parents develop skills to gain employment and help their children in school.

Parent and Child Time (PACT) Class

Parents who support their child’s learning contribute to their child’s successes both in school and in life. The PACT component allows parents to interact together as a family unit.

PACT classes are offered in some of the same locations where we offer ESL classes. They typically start in the spring immediately following the end of the ESL program. Parents work together with their kids and participate in activities following different educational themes.

Childcare Program

Bring your child ages 3-12 to our program while you attend our classes

A majority of our sites provide free childcare for the parents attending our classes. Our staff not only babysits the kids, but helps prepare them for school and/or provide help with schoolwork. Following a set of weekly themes, the kids work on different educational crafts while developing socials skills and pre-k skills.

Family Literacy locations include:

– Central Valley Opportunity Center (CVOC) for Vocational ESL

– Hughson Unified School District

  • Hughson Elementary School

– Riverbank School District

  • Cardozo Middle School
  • Riverbank Language Academy

– Sierra Vista North Modesto Family Resource Center

– Stanislaus Union School District

  • Eisenhut Elementary 

– Sylvan Union School District

  • C.F. Brown Elementary School
  • Redeemer Church for Literacy Cafe


Adult Education Programs

Spanish HSE Diploma Class

Need to earn your High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma?  Spanish HSE classes are also available in the evenings.

Citizenship Preparation Class 

Prepare for your citizenship test in one of our pop up citizenship classes.  Students are able to practice their English while learning about government and preparing for their test.

Conversational English Classes

Practice makes perfect! Students sharpen their English speaking skills in this pop up citizenship class. Students are able to practice their English with other English-learners and dedicated staff.

As funding becomes available we open classes in different areas in Modesto or Riverbank.

Classes come up as funding becomes available.

English Cafe

Partnering with Redeemer Church in Modesto, this English conversation class celebrates diversity within the community. Students practice their English skills with volunteers while enjoying a cup of coffee.


Contact Us

For more information about
English Learner classes or
Spanish HSE diploma program contact
Shanyn Vitti-Avila
209-672-6653 or svitti@lqslc.com


Success Story

Carlos Pantoja was a recent recipient of the Literacy Network’s ESL Student Achievement award. He is a student who has been determined to conquer the English Language to help his children with their homework and be able to communicate in the community.

He had recently been unemployed because of a work injury. He worked as a mechanic fixing machines used for agricultural work. He was fixing a machine one morning and it tilted and landed on him. This was a near death experience resulting in major injuries to his body. He was really discouraged to know that he physically was no longer able to do the type of work he had done for the past 10 years.

Being a single dad he knew he had to get a better job to provide, and in order to do that he needed to better his education, improve his English and set a good example to his children. He entered our Family Literacy ESL program in September 2014 testing in to the level two class.

He walked from his house to class every day (about one mile). He used a cane to walk, but that didn’t stop him from getting to every class. He received a perfect attendance award the first year and is going for that same record this year.

Learning another language is not an easy task. You cannot come to every class and expect to know perfect English by the end of the year. It is a life long journey of learning that needs to take place in the class, in the home, and in the community. He has fully committed to that journey.

He came back to our program this year and tested in our ESL level three class with a CASAS test score of 222. He went up 17 points from the year before, when the typical student stays the same or goes down a few points after having a summer break of no English classes. In the level 3 class this year he has excelled. His drive and motivation to improve his family’s quality of life is so inspirational.