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Thank you for choosing to support LearningQuest students during the Literacy for the Holidays drive by taking action!  Here are some helpful images that can make it a little easier to spread the word about our $25,000 fundraising goal, the $4,000 board member matching gift, and why checking “education” off of a student’s wish list is so important.

Again, this is YOUR fundraising campaign and your chance to tell the story so many of these students need shared.  Get creative and let us know if you have any questions!  Rochele Roura-Foster, 209-672-6642,

Learn more about the drive and send donors to
the official Literacy for the Holidays page here —>

 Campaign Flyers

Click on the campaign flyer to see an overview of the Literacy for the Holidays campaign.  It will give a general overview of our goals and services we provide at LearningQuest.  You will also see the statistical information showing why literacy is so important in our community.

Campaign Logos

These logos can be used wherever you see fit in your promotion of your fundraising campaign.  The first two images have transparent backgrounds.

Social Media Posts

You will find the first image is a general overview promoting the your cause.  The two overlay images can be used in your social media posts and layered over an image to help with your story telling.


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Student Stories

Here are real life LearningQuest students who continue to work hard on reaching educational goals.  Feel free to share these images in your own story telling in order to inspire someone to participate.

Facebook, LinkedIn & Email

Instagram & Email

Thank You and “In Honor Of” Images

These images can be sent through email or text to those in your circle who have given or being honored through a donation.  This is to show them a little extra acknowledgement for supporting your cause.

Thank you again for supporting this cause and sharing these stories!