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Unlock someone’s world through reading!

Many adults in our community have trouble reading.

Whether it’s a phone bill, a bus map, a book filled with adventure, or their child’s homework…

YOU are the key to unlocking their world.

Ready to help an adult learn to read?

Follow these steps and begin your path to unlocking someone’s world through reading:

  1. Call for an appointment.  You will work with supportive and hard working staff to answer any questions you may have about becoming a tutor.
  2. Once you’ve been registered, you will be invited to attend a special tutor orientation and training.
  3. Since all tutoring and materials are free, you’ll receive what you need to begin your sessions.
  4. After you’ve been properly trained, you will be matched with an adult student reading at or below a 7th grade level who needs you to guide them on this journey.
  5. Lastly, attend your online or in person tutoring sessions (twice a week for 1.5 hours each session for six months – schedule is flexible to accommodate vacations, illness, etc.).

Click on the “Become a Tutor” button below and a tutoring coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you for wanting to help someone learn how to read and write!


Held online or in spaces respectful of health and safety concerns. 

Usually held in the Auditorium at the Modesto Library

Contact Rose for upcoming info meetings and training – 209-558-4505


Tutor Info Meeting

– April 28, 2022 at 11:00 am


New Tutor Training


With your help, we hope to change that children of parents with low literacy skills have a 72% chance of being at the lowest reading levels themselves.

Stanislaus County Statistic

Want to tutor a child with dyslexia?

Check out KidsQuest to learn more about our free tutoring program for children, grades 2-6, with dyslexia or other specific language disorders.

Share your love of reading with an adult waiting to learn to read.

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Stanislaus County Library
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Rose Jurado, Site Coordinator

Katelynn Christensen, Administrative Assistant